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I'm Omri Lachman

Hi there,

Product - UX - Technology
I'm a Product Manager who's excited about bringing complex technologies to solve everyday problems.
My romance with digital products began in 2011, when I studied programming in Israel Defence Forces.
In 2014 I found my love for User Experience. I was working with a lot of different products since then, working with B2B startups, from product strategy to unique UI designs.
I believe the combination of design & tech can create marvelous products!


My day job

Here's the catch.

99% of the works I'm really proud of is somehow classified - whether it's a cyber product that isn't revealed for business reasons or a sensitive product from my work with Israel Defence Forces. I'll be happy to talk about them in person and show the process and the non-sensitive information!

Main Screen_edited.jpg

Some of these interesting projects are in the fields of:

Cyber Security


Customer Success


Machine Learning & AI


When I'm not at the office

...I'm probably at home, watching "The Office".

I'm one of these annoying pour-over-coffee drinkers who also shoot in 35mm film and have 3 Moleskine notebooks for every scribble and note.

I also like

writing about products, design, and tech.

Recording a podcast about handling lots of various interests.

Drawing, playing the guitar.

Getting a bit stressed about handling all these hobbies.

Let's chat

I promise I won't talk too much about how coffee beans from Colombia taste so much different from the beans from Costa Rica .

Cool, thanks! I'll be in touch!

Let's Chat
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