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We created surveys which we sent to friends and colleagues, in order to understand the process of purchasing a movie ticket, and really understand the use case of ordering a movie ticket. We also analyzed other movie sites to find the good and the bad parts of movie sites in general.

Cinema City Website Redesign

UX - Web & Mobile - 2014

This was my final project at the UX course by UXV (2014). I teamed up with two guys - Yair and Nimrod, and we decided that we want to redesign the desktop and mobile site of Cinema City, one of Israel’s biggest movie theaters. It was the first UX project I did with a group and we really thought a lot about the problems and the solutions of this website. Working together taught me a lot - both about sides in the design process and working with other people that don’t necessarily think the same way I do.


Most of the users know what movie they're going to watch. Helping the user find the right movie isn't necessary in most cases.

Most users decide to order movie tickets when they aren't home.

Despite the info above, most users perform the actual transaction on a computer, not on mobile.

Most use cases of ordering movie tickets are in a group, while a single person is paying.


Sketching & Designing

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 19.18.38.png

We tried to find a way to design the site and keep it simple and basic, along with finding some special and new solution to it.

We focused on the most valuable functionalities we found from our research:

- Seat selection on mobile

- Splitting the payment

- Ease of finding a movie




2 Types of filters - categories & popular / new / kids. 

We figured most of the time users will use the three options, rather than a category, but they could be combined easily.


Touching the right seat is a complicated task in the mobile site. That's why we decided to enable a zoomed-in magnifier component, showing the 10 seats in the area the user tapped.


Since most of the tickets ordered are done by one person for multiple people, we added an option to split the payment between friends.

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